INTERVIEW: Heaps & Woods

Welcome to the worlds of Heaps & Woods.


1. How would you describe your creative path until now? 

Our creative path so far is a consequence of our background: the French, Spanish, and Indonesian origin of Heaps & Woods. Since our origins are European, but we live in Indonesia. This allows us to take advantage of our cultural knowledge, as well as the natural resources and craft techniques offered by the Asian country.

2. Can you tell us about your process? 

In Heaps and Woods, we are inspired by Architecture, Art, nature, and materials. Our creative process is based on providing access to handmade designs that use organic materials. Once we have a design, our artisans in Indonesia create each of the pieces by hand, using traditional techniques. Each of the pieces has its process, its story and is special.

3. What’s your favorite object you’ve done so far? 

The last two collections of lamps that we have made with BISA Studio in a limited edition. We believe that they define our way of creating and understanding Design. Some of them are lamps with organic shapes in natural rattan, and others are geometric totems of croixet in aged silver. And also a Capsule Collection of organic cotton carpets that we are gonna present soon.

4. Who are some of the other artists / interior designers you resonate with most? 

There are many artists that we admire: from the maestro Gio Ponti and Pierre Jeanneret to the magnificent Kelly Wearstler or the unconditional Isabel Lopez Quesada. They have very different styles, but they all represent us, or we can identify ourselves with them in some aspect or another. In all their designs the natural materials are always present. The colour, the matter in its all splendor, and the soul of the spaces are the main premise.

5. Where would you like to see some of your furniture? 

Like any creator and creative, we would like our pieces to be present in the spaces of the creatives that we admire in one way or another. We are not only designers, but we are also manufacturers. For this, not only would we like our pieces to be in certain spaces,  but also we would like to be able to make the dreamed pieces of such creatives.

6. Any cool projects you’re working on? 

Right now, together with Heaps, we are launching our interior design studio, BISA Studio. There, we will show our design projects, as well as capsule collections that we present together in collaboration with other creatives.

7. Biggest inspirations? 

We find inspiration truly anywhere, but most especially in our trips. We are extremely lucky to be able to be inspired by the trips we make. Asia, our second home, is an incredible source of inspiration.

8. Is music part of your creative process? If so, what do you like to listen ? 

Logically, music is part of our creative process and accompanies us throughout the process, both when we need to concentrate or evade from everything.

We are very eclectic when it comes to musical taste, and our choices usually come down to the different moments we listen to it. We can listen to music with more electronic basis such as  Jungle, The XX, Polo and Pan, and HER or classics like Elton John or Norah Jones, as well as other less commercial styles like Brazilian music.

9. What materials do you use regularly? Which would you like to use in the future and which would you never use? 

A material that is always present in our designs is the solid wood, in our case tropical wood. It brings warmth, presence, robustness and is a must in every space. A material that we would like to work with in the future and we are already studying is laminated rattan. Thanks to Indonesia, rattan is part of our designs and our creative process. In the case of laminated rattan, the process of rolling it is long, delicate, and expensive, but the result has incredible properties.

10. Who is behind Heaps & Woods? 

‘Heaps & Woods’ emerged from the union of two different -although not far from each other- ways of seeing the world.
Louis Chagnaud, born in a creative family, has got a curious lively character and is always looking to learn more about the world. He is free-spirited and adventurous which has led him to live in places such as Shanghai, London, New York, Sydney, and Bali, apart from Paris, his hometown. The other half of ‘Heaps & Woods’ is his partner Marta Jurado, the interior designer who shares Louis’s impetus and passion for travelling. She also realised that Indonesia would be an ideal place to make some of her dreams come true.
Since the moment they met during a trip, as if by magic, two great talents started to work together guided by their curiosity and urge to preserve the great little treasures that they encounter along the way.